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Welcome to Allen's Jazz Music! Enjoy some jazz at one of my events (or just scroll to the bottom). Catch me regularly through the summer at Zinc Cafe in Laguna Beach on Fri and Sun evenings and during July Sunday afternoons at Jack's Restaurant and Bar.

Listen to some examples of my music below! I am fortunate to get to play with some of the best jazz cats in Orange County with my group Akusta Kats, with the Jorg Dubin Band, as a duo, and with vocalists such as Janet Orsi or Crystal Clulee. 

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This Friday, Sept 8, 2023 at The Wharf in Laguna Beach

8:30pm - midnight 

Akusta Kats with vocalist Janet Orsi

Music Examples


Trio with Vocalist

Piano & Bass Duo

Piano & Guitar Duo

Piano & Sax Duo

Piano & Vocalist Duo

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