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Jazz to Match Your Event or Venue


Allen started piano at age 7 and took to jazz beginning in junior high school and switched from classical to jazz training during high school including studying with the late SF Bay Area jazz pianist Don Haas. He played with the New Vintage fusion and JLQ jazz groups in the California Central Coast area before finally settling in Southern California. He has since played with a variety of artists including Satin Express group, Pacific Sounds duo, Art of Jazz contemporary jazz group, Modern Time, Laguna Jazz Jam Rhythm Section, Bella Musica Jazz Ensemble, jazz vocalists including Janet Orsi and Mando Cordova, Saddleback Big Band, and continues to play with the best of local jazz cats. Allen is based out of Orange County and regularly plays with a Laguna Beach based quartet as well as with vocalist Crystal Clulee and others when he is not busy leading software engineering teams as an Engineering Program Manager. Allen also plays solo jazz and cocktail piano for any occasion. (short version)

Jazz Quartet (or Trio)

Keyboard: Allen Takatsuka

Guitar: Howard Conn

Bass: Joshua Cobian

Drums: Jorg Dubin

Jazz Duos

Piano & Vocalist (Crystal Clulee & others)

Piano & Sax (Mike DeBellis & others)

Piano & Guitar (Sam Shepherd & others)

Solo 'Cocktail' Piano